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Leg, Foot and Ankle Care

Whether you’re dealing with a sports-related injury or debilitating arthritis, don't let foot or ankle pain hold you back.

At Adventist Orthopedic Care, we’re proactive about keeping you active. Our team of board-certified physicians, surgeons, therapists and clinical specialists use only the most advanced treatments, robotic surgical tools and therapies so that you spend less time in recovery and more time enjoying your life.

Call us today at 630-856-7525 to see how the specialists at Adventist Orthopedic Care can help you get back to enjoying life pain-free.

Advanced Diagnosis

The first step in successfully eliminating pain is an accurate diagnosis. We are one of the first orthopedic programs in the area to offer the state-of-the-art 3T MRI scanner. It quickly provides clear images, meaning treatment can begin sooner. Armed with this information, our team can determine the most effective and least-invasive treatment option for you. We are experienced in treating the full range of foot and ankle injuries and conditions, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Achilles Tendon Rupture
  • Talus Fracture
  • Deformities

Progressive Treatment Options

Adventist Orthopedic Care offers some of the most progressive orthopedic procedures, including:

Ankle Arthroscopy - Done as an outpatient procedure, ankle arthroscopy uses two tiny incisions to access the ankle joint. A camera tube called an arthroscope is placed into one of the incisions while small surgical instruments are inserted in the other. The arthroscope allows the surgeon to visually examine the ankle joint and guide the surgical instruments. Because it is so minimally invasive, arthroscopy requires no cutting of muscle or tendon and offers shorter recovery times and less scarring, bleeding, pain and discomfort.

Achilles Tendon Repair - Surgical repairs of Achilles ruptures offer lower chances that tendons will re-rupture, and give patients a greater chance of returning to their former level of strength and activity. To repair chronic ruptures, tendon and tendon grafts may be used to reinforce the repair.

Fracture Repair - Multiple, unstable or displaced fractures may not heal on their own, requiring surgery to remove loose bone fragments, repair damage to surrounding ligaments or repair joint fractures. Wires, plates, nails or screws may be implanted to maintain proper position of the bones during healing. These fixation materials may be removed after the bone heals, while others are left in place or absorbed by the body.

Triple Arthrodesis- To treat many types of foot deformities and pain, including severe arthritis, triple arthodesis may be required. During this procedure, three bones in the foot are fused in order to provide improved stability. After making incisions on either side of the foot, cartilage is removed from the joints, bony surfaces roughened and hardware is placed to stabilize the reconstruction and promote healthy fusion.

Bunionectomy - Bunion surgery can range from simply removing the enlarged portion of bone and realigning the joint muscles for mild bunions, to cutting and realigning the affected bones for more moderate and severe bunions. If an arthritic joint has been damaged beyond repair, it may need to be reconstructed or replaced with an artificial joint.


After your procedure, our expert rehabilitation team will develop an individualized treatment program designed to quickly get you on the road to recovery. We take a team approach to recovery, with you as our most important team member. By emphasizing patient education, we also improve long-term outcomes of treatment. Our therapists and physicians are committed to providing comprehensive care an unmatched level of service at all of our hospitals and rehabilitation facilities.