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Whole Person Care


Adventist Midwest Health is unequivocal about the vital importance of the whole-person approach to healthcare. We are strongly motivated by the historic concept of an integrated approach to prevention, wellness and recovery.

Some dramatic studies have recently been released regarding cancer deaths going down, fewer open heart procedures, and what some have called an outbreak of wellness. Simply put: prevention and scientific breakthroughs around medications have worked. In many countries around the world people are living longer and healthier.

This is not to mitigate the huge challenges in public health. Weight, alcohol, HIV and other issues that undermine good health are ever present. But we should recognize that whole-person care, which includes the physical, spiritual, emotional, social and mental components of each person, is a great way to live life.

The theological/philosophical foundation for whole person care is rooted in the very nature of creation and humanity, depicted in the first three chapters of the biblical book of Genesis. There, we find eight principles that are operational in our lives today. These principles, practiced, provide a basis for good health and abundant living.

1) Choice – Good lifestyle choices are the first step toward good health.

2) Rest – Rest is a daily activity and a weekly activity (what the bible calls Sabbath rest).

3) Environment – Spiritual peace and physical healing is affected by our environment.

4) Activity – Play and exercise are a gift of God.

5) Trust – An experience of transcendence gives life a purpose and directly affects overall health and well being. Studies provide abundant evidence regarding the connection between spirituality and health. God still speaks, and by grace invites each one into a personal relationship which affects our lives and destiny.

6) Interpersonal relationships – One heart touching another in intimacy is a powerful curative in the human experience.

7) Outlook – Hopeful and positive outlook influences our worldview and every relationship.

8) Nutrition – A balanced diet produces optimal energy and overall health.

Our mission is to provide excellence in healthcare to our community, while at the same time bringing resources to each patient to nurture their spiritual and emotional wellbeing. By God’s grace and leading, Adventist Healthcare has been fulfilling this mission for 141 years.

Learn more!  Holistic Approach Benefits Body, Mind, and Spirit, a column by John Rapp, regional vice president, Ministries & Mission, Adventist Midwest Health.