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AMH Employee Resources


Welcome! This page has links to all the important information you need when you're away from your work computer.

Online Tools

Use these links to access the tools and resources you use regularly at work from home or other remote locations.

Find a Doctor

  • Find a doctor in the Adventist Health Network. These physicians offer “Network Preferred” services where the care is received from a provider (doctor, clinic, hospital, etc.) that is part of the Adventist Health Network and AMH facilities. If you are a part of the AMH health insurance plan, care received from these providers costs you less than seeing a doctor outside the AHN network. Please note:  This network does not include all physicians on the medical staffs of the AMH hospitals.
  • Find a Patient Centered Medical Home Physician (PCMH). Choosing a PCMH physician gives you the highest level of benefits for primary care services under AMH's health insurance.

Education & Certification

Social Media

  • AMH Employee Facebook Group (Joining this group does not make you "friends" with AMH or your boss. Your privacy settings work the same way they do throughout Facebook. It does, however, give you an opportunity to hear more about what's going on at each of our hospitals, and post your own events, recognition and questions.)
  • AMH on Social Media (Did you know AMH is on LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest as well as Facebook? There are links to all of our social media channels here.)

Other Resources

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